Antony Doyle

On SiegeEngine


In recent weeks, SiegeEngine has garnered some attention. Since being added to the Zurb Foundation Github Readme, it's gathered some momentum that I simply wasn't expecting. This has left me in a bit of an awkward position.

I initially built SiegeEngine in order to speed up my personal projects. I often found that I was writing the same code over and over to achieve the same things.

When I discovered Foundation I decided to spend some time putting together a starting template for all my future work, including a lot of the logic that I was repeating over and over. In time, this quickly evolved into something a lot larger and more complex than I imagined. I shared it because I thought it might be useful to someone else, as I saw a few others within the Joomla community were using Foundation. After all, that's what this community is all about.

But in recent weeks, it's grown legs.

I've had numerous emails and exchanges with people who are using SiegeEngine. I try to help whenever possible, but for the last year I've been employed full time, so updates are not as rapid as they once were. This has led to some rather, let's say, "unfriendly" comments and emails. And quite frankly, this pisses me off.

I do have plans for SiegeEngine; I have a lot of new ideas I'm working on, as well as a completely new framework, optimised for Joomla 3.5. But I can't guarantee when they'll arrive. I can't guarantee when I'll have time to actually implement them. So, for those of you who have patience, rest assured that this project isn't dead.

For those who don't, well. Use something else.