Antony Doyle


I think that, by now, you know my name (it's Antony). And although I'm sure that you don't really care, here's a little about me and what I do. Hey, you clicked on the "About" link, OK?


I'm a frontend developer, by trade. I focus on accessible, performant websites that are also pretty nice to look at. Though I'll happily work with any platform, I specialise in Joomla and Contensis - the CMS we develop in-house at Zengenti. I'm a sci-fi geek, avid reader and occasional night-time forest navigator (read: I got lost). I've played in bands, ran pubs, scuttled a canal boat (not properly, or actually intentionally), and crowd surfed. But then I hit 30 and stopped doing anything fun.

What I do

I work with all the usual stuff, really: HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL. The past three years or so have also seen me turn my hand to C# / Razor, MS SQL and I can read and understand (but probably not write) VB.Net. I've also been known to break open Photoshop and do some actual design work, but that doesn't happen so much anymore.

Where I've been

I've been doing this for about sixteen years, starting off in high school, building crappy little sites for my friends and I, and our even crappier band (I'd link to something there, but the universe worked hard to stop it once already). From there, I progressed to building slightly less crappy sites for people I met at university, along with attempting to keep myself "current" by refining my own site.

Following a brief break to run a few pubs (buy me a beer and I'll tell you all about it - it's worth it), I took up with a small I.T. company based on the Wirral peninsula. "Peninsula" makes it sound all exotic, but really it was based on the greyest trading estate mankind has ever built. But, I digress...

On the Wirral, I honed my craft (or something), turning my hand away from just coding websites to also designing, debugging (oh, so much debugging) and working with actual user and analytics data to improve the work I did. It was a nice little gig, and I even had a free lift to work every morning. But, alas, all good things must come to an end.

I followed this up with a fair few years freelancing, the highlight of which was dealing with HMRC. But eventually, despite the lure of endless phone calls and tax returns, it was time for something else. And, as luck would have it, my current employer just happened to be hiring*. When opportunity knocks, and all that.

Where I am

So, I currently work for Zengenti, where I've somehow managed to assume the role of Lead Frontend Developer, and so now spend my days corralling a rag-tag band of misfits, teaching them the ways of the web... not really. They're all genuinely brilliant at what they do and make my life so much easier.

We work with some incredible clients, from local government and NHS, to universities and multinational private sector clients, and no two days are the same. Which is great for avoiding that Groundhog Day feeling.

*also because I was turned down by both Space X and NASA. True story.